Friday, February 6, 2009

WWI Template Creation and (M)SDS Authoring

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Material Safety Data Sheet authoring is one of very important tasks in SAP EHS Product Safety. Whether it is called SDS or MSDS, based USA / Germany, the overall contents remains more or less same. Before you can plan to create a material safety data sheet, you need to idenfiy your goals, expectations and how you want the template to be created and which information is to be included so on. There are quite a number of interesting data loading tools are available to load information such as Regulatory Content, Dangerous Goods Content, Phrases. Besides these standard data's even Expert Rules are also available for creating a MSDS. It is challenging to create a single template suiting to various country requirements and giving different validity areas, its always easier to create template for different countries, instead of using the same template with different output options. The common practices and ANSI standards states that there should be 16 in an MSDS covering all the aspects of a chemical right from company information to Hazard communication, first aid measures, accidental release measures so on. The following are the business standards identified - i) Use service providers for contents ( which will ease the burden of identifying regulatory information) ii) Have a dedicated regulatory expert for meeting the compliance requirements iii) Follow automated rule based MSDS authoring instead of entering the data manually iv) Develop inhouse resources for creating templates or authoring templates, it will give you good returns in the long run and finally v) its always good to streamline and document your template creation process and stick to it.

WWI or Windows Wordprocess Integration, as called is used for generating a Material Safety Data Sheet in SAP. Using the wordprocesser and Dispatcher technique, the system communicates with SAP using RFC technology. In order to use WWI for template creation, it requires training and practice. Whenever an SAP EHS consultant going for implementation or into support, it is wise to perfect in WWI Template Creation and writing simple Expert Rules, which will ease the burden.

This is some of the standard requirements from WWI / EHS Expert point of view -

i) Implementation and Customization of WWI Server
ii) Managing and monitoring WWI Server / Expert Servers
iii) Template creation using WWI
iv) Template corrections and error tracking
v) Establish and set up EHS Expert Server and Rule Editor
vi) Using the Rules for derving secondary data
and Finally vii) Get overview of existing thirdparty tools which can support you in creating a industry standard MSDS.




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