Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fundamentals of Implementing a Product Safety Module - Topic 2 Data Migration:


As it is evident in all implementation projects, consultants needs to set up the master data during the initial system set up and move the legacy data. There are different methods one can follow to load the data into the system. The pre-requisite is cleansing the data and modifying the content and formatting the information into to a specified layout. There are different tools available to load the information into the SAP EHS systems. The different tools which can be used include i) SAP EHS OCC and ii) Data Editor and iii. Custom Excel templates.

The tools namely Data Editor has two functionalities called PIT and SIT. Phrase Import Tool and Substance Import Tool.  While SAP EHS OCC has similar functionality like Data Editor It has different options of loading the content with different validity / Usage area information directly from the import tool and also deleting the content and loading the information.

In order to load the content into the system it is always useful to load in sequences and parts like start with creation of Header Information, followed by Identifiers, references, Material assignments and property data and then compositions. Usually the Listed substances are created first, followed by Raw Substances / Vendor / Raw Substances. Then substances are loaded at product level.

For each of the data load there are two possibilities exist one is online load and other one is offline load. During online load system directly writes the data to the specification data, whereas during offline mode system generates a Dat File to load the information.

The sequences of steps you follows to load the data include i) Maintaining the data ii) saving as tab delimited Txt file iii) converting the dat file and importing the dat file into the system for directly loading the content to database following the step ii.

Once data is migrated system is checked for accuracy of the information and used for different substance maintenance.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fundamentals of Implementing a Product Safety Module - Topic 1 significance of Data model:

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One of the significant steps while implementing the Product Safety or any substance database related module in SAP EHS is understanding the data model. Data model defines how a company product is going to be represented in the SAP System. The different substance types and their inter-relationships defines the overall strategy. There are different data models available based on the company requirements like a standard data model consist of Real Sub linked to Pure Substances and Pure Substances are referenced / inheritance to pure substances. This is the data model which is used for even meeting the substance volume tracking and other functionalities. Example below shows the model 

Figure showing a demo product structure 

If you also have a DG into the overall company strategy the structure will differ with inclusion of Transport classification and Hazard Inducers information. The detail information about the different composition types and the way different components are mapped and their differentiation in to Polymers, monomer differentiation for Volume Tracking is another topic of importance to be checked while implementing the module. The strategy and direction depends on overall company direction and it should be properly analyzed before recommending a data model to an organization. 

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