Thursday, February 5, 2009

SAP PRESS BOOK ON EHS Will it Cover these details .... ?

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Just a couple of days I have seen that SAP is going to release a book on "Implementing SAP Environment, Health and Safety", supposed to be released latter part of the year. Looking at the contents of the book, I sook realized that it definately help those who are already in the field of SAP EHS. It showed to be a consice collection of business processes, tools and Processes required for HSEQ implementation. But to be really useful for those in EHS field and those hoping to be in the field - require some of the following topics. i) Business Processes of EHS as carried out in an industry ( Functional Perspective) ii) Need for ERP software tools for managing business processes iii) Existing Software vendors and how SAP EHS is placed as far as marketability and support is concenrned iv) The Functionalities SAP EHS is going to cover v) The Current and Future landscape of SAP EHS and how it is proposed to be released in coming years vi) The different modules and their dependencies vii) Out of box functionalities of the module viii) Indepth description of their of each sub modules like Basic Data and Tools, Product Safety, Hazardous Substance Management, Dangerous Goods management, Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Occupational health and Waste management, REACh Compliance, Emission management and Other Advanced topics like EP capabilities of EHS ix) Overview of number of implementations taken worldwide and number of sub modules which are implemented and type of business scenarios implemented x) Implementation suggestions and Best Practices xi) Bench marking studies of EHS and their outcome.
It would be interesting to see the book in the coming months and definitely I would love to review it and come out with some comments

Here's the links for the book -

Here's another interesting book On Environmental Compliance



  1. I am starting an SAP EHS project and need to obtain some training materials. I have background in CRM, MM and a long time ago HR. EHS is very different. Can anyone help out?

  2. Hello JJ

    if you are seeing for more information you can mail me your querries



  3. Hi

    Any idea, when this book will come out.



  4. Has the book been published? If yes, how can we get the same?


  5. Apparently the SAP Press book “Implementing SAP EHS’, release date Aug09, was cancelled with none published. Is this true?
    I have asked SAP about this book with no response. They did have it on a catalogue last year. Amazon UK are still advertising this.

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