Monday, March 18, 2013

SAP EHS and SAP EHSM – Where to start learning

Dear Friends,

Recently SAP started its new dimensional product SAP EHSM (SAP Environment Health and Safety Management System) as a business process driven product. SAP EHSM already seen major revisions like version 1 through version 3 with a version lined up for later this year; If one intends to learn SAP EHS and be a consultant which of the modules needs to be learned is it SAP EHS or SAP EHSM. SAP EHSM consists of Incident management, Risk Assessment, Worker Safety management and Product Compliance. SAP EHS consists of all the legacy EHS functionalities like Product Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, and Waste Management, Hazardous Substance Management, and Occupational health, besides Sustainability Performance Management, Management of Change, Environmental compliance and On Demand Solution SAP Carbon Impact. The major module which is revamped in SAP EHSM is Legacy SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene and Safety – consisting of Incident management and Risk Management, with the concept of business objects (BOPF) processing framework for flexibility and speed of execution.

If the nature of the job is on implementation of EHSM Incident Management, Risk Assessment or Management or Change or Product Compliance for meeting REACH requirements its ideal to learn EHSM directly without much difficulty. These modules work independently of legacy EHS, except for Product Compliance which requires Substance database business object framework; which are desinged to synchronize with EHSM. If the nature of work is legacy EHS – Global Label Management, Substance volume tracking, Product Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, Waste Management; are implemented as SAP ECC - EHS component.
SAP EHS – Basic Data and Tools, Product Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, Hazardous Substance Management, Substance Volume Tracking, Waste management and Occupational Health. Environmental compliance, SAP Carbon Impact, SAP EHSM Management of Change, SAP EHSM Incident Management, SAP EHSM Operational Risk Management and SAP EHSM Sustainability Performance Management and SAP EHSM Worker safety management are some of the modules which are available.