Sunday, February 15, 2009

SAP EH&S - Basic Data and Tools - What it is ?

The SAP EH&S Basic Data and Tools component provides you with a flexible and efficient solution for all the modules of SAP EH&S processes. These include Product Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, Waste Management, Hazardous Substance Management, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Occupational Health, REACh Compliance or Emission Management or Environmental Performance Measurement or Compliance for Products. The major functionalities covered under Basic Data and Tools (hereafter referred as BD&T) included i) Entering and managing the required data on substances and products, 2) managing multilingual texts as phrases, 3) generating and sending report templates and generation variants 4) Substance Information System for displaying and drill down reporting for substance information and their export into different formats and finally 4) Tools for import and exposure of substances, phrases, report templates and other master data.

1) Substance Management: It is the basis for all other EH&S functions and provides some sort of building block for other applications. This has provision of entering substances categories (which are predefined) and created custom developed or default specification types. You can change or maintain identifiers, phrases, material – substance linkages and other physic-chemical information
2) Phrase Management – It allows you to generated and create texts in standard modules in different languages for effective use in different places. Phrases are managed by something called phrase groups, phrase sets and phrase library. Using value assignments/ phrase enabled characteristics types you can link phrases to characteristics for specification management.
3) Substance Information System – Using it you can make specialized searches of the existing specification database and create export files, display in the screen or carry out other research related searches like identifying substance with a color say “red”.
4) Report templates and report generation variants – Using this function you create all the necessary templates and generation variants for creation of reports, such as MSDS, SOP etc. Using the concept of generation variants you can control something called the report generation and the way reports are generated – whether manual report requests automatically generated, languages, template to be used for reports etc.
5) Data import and Export – The import and export of master data and communication with other systems / logistics or generation servers, EH&S Experts or even EH&S OCC will be carried out by this particular module of BD&T.



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