Sunday, April 5, 2009

SAP REACh Compliance 1.1

Dear Friends,

Now a days I am being asked to write something about SAP solution REACh Compliance 1.1 since it seems there are couple of opportunities opened up for this module of SAP EH&S. Recently in EU a new legislation has come into force which is termed as REACh - stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and (Restriction) of Chemicals. This new legislation said to replace existing 40 legislation's - to be precise it actually consolidates those 40 legislation in to a more powerful regulation. This is a quantity based regulation which requires a Legal entity to register with authorities how much chemicals (those from the list of hazardous chemicals) it proposes to Import, Export, Consume or produce in a calender year. SAP has come out with a software called Substance Volume Tracking which is used for quantity and volume monitoring of Substances in Logistic processes. Recently it has come up with a new software called REACh Compliance 1.1 (SP02).
Besides REACh Compliance 1.1, Global Label Management, Substance Volume Tracking, Product Safety, Bar Code and Labeling, Dangerous Goods Management, Supply chain Communication are the other required components for effective management of REACh regulation. REACh Compliance 1.1 is used for management of REACh Process within the legal entity. Numerous processes i.e. Material Management, Supply Chain Collaboration, Substance and Use Management and Legal Process Management are the different components of the software. This modules interacts with Existing EH&S, MM, SD, Business Partners, Email (SCOT), Business Objects for managing the process. This is a portal based application for management of REACh Process.