Saturday, February 7, 2009

Missing Value assignments under property tree

Q; The Property Density refers to Class SAP_EHS_1013_005

This class has following characteristics if I see it under CL03

SAP_EHS_1013_005 _VALUE

When I go to IMG under SET UP TABLE BASED VALUE ASSIGNMENT is completely blank in my ECC version, the characteristics are not loaded. If I continue manually loading these characteristics in table it will take days as there would be countless characteristics for all properties.......under property tree provided by SAP.

What am I missing. Does Standard Table comes BLANK


What I understood by your question is that under the property tree you are seeing the Value assignment node but actually when you try to access the value assignments it is not showing as these are not yet set up under Specify value assignments under specification database structure.

You can either create individual values manually or create them automatically. You go to table based value assignments and execute without entering any information under the options, then system will create values for the class with node properties.

Before doing that adopt standard Specification Database using from reference client 000 using " Adopt Standard specification database"




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