Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to create additonal tab page under CBIH02

Dear Friends,

In case of SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene and Safety, you can create additional tab pages based on value assignments. Here goes how you can create one if you are interested to one.

1. Go to Transaction Cl02 and create a class with a name say “ZOther damages”. Assign class type 100 and description accordingly.
2. Save the Class
3. Go to characteristics creation T Code (CT04) and create two new characteristics called say ZEquipments and ZReactors
4. Enter characteristic type phrase enabled if you wish to include phrase enabled characteristic
5. Go to values and other values and assign function modules “C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK “
6. Make settings accordingly if you want to create single instance or multiple instances
7. And save similarly create for other characteristic namely say “ZAsset Losses”
8. And create similarly as you created above for “ZEquipments”
9. Now assign these two characteristics to the class which you have created previously
10. Now navigate to Industrial Hygiene and Safety node of the SPRO and navigate to Basic settings node
11. And assign the value assignment you have created above under “Assign Value Assignment Types to classes”
12. Under Value Assignment type select the name of the you created above and give description to convey the tab pages
13. Assign the Value Assignment Category as IHS
14. Under the class assign the class you have created previously
15. Save and come out of the node
16. Under Object type assignment enter the object where you want to display the value assignment say Workarea
17. Now go to CBIH02
18. You can find the tab page under Industrial Hygiene and Safety information page as additional tab called Other Damages with “ZEQUIPMENT” and “ZASSETLOSSES”


  1. Hello everyone... I need your help...I recently started in SAP and I have an EH&S implementation project, but I don't know where to start!!! We just need the Occupational Health part... I guess we need to configure first the Basic Data and Tools, can we leave it as SAP standard or what changes are needed first?


  2. Hello Mely

    It all depends on the Business Processes you trying to cover under OH. What are their current practices and how they want to migrate to SAP. Do they want complete transition or Standard functionality or what is their exact requirement. Based on that you can find out. There are couple of best practices documents which you can refer for Data Dependencies from Basic Data and Tools


  3. Hi everyone,

    I would like to know how to add a wording on the right side of a field in a tab.

    By example, you enter a code in the field and the name/meaning of this code is given on the side.

    Thanks for your help,

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