Monday, June 28, 2010

EH&S Workflows and Reporting

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the easiest thing in filling the customer workflow and data management requirements – is creating a new development. it is will be very useful if they can be looked from realigning the standard functionality offered by the EH&S. For Example, one of the business requirements is triggering of emails whenever some important information is changed in a specification database or whenever new injury / illness is entered or even creation of customer specific reports for their validations. Instead of investing on the development, existing functionalities might be used.

SAP EHS already have a good functionality which can meet such requirements like EH&S Workflow and Specification Information Systems. . For EHS workflow – a demo definition is provided EHS_DEMO, with a task EHS_DEMO_TSK. This task actually carries out task of processing value assignment types. This task can be copied and adopted to client requirements. The customization settings for the workflow Specify start conditions and Specify task profile can be used to enter the required information. Once Workflow scheduler runs in the background (RC1WFSUB) – they automatically appear in the assigned agent’s inbox.

Similarly, the functionality specification information system provides a inbuilt search options and creation of reports for user analysis. There are different options available like list report, excel output, compositions etc, which can be used for client requirement. To create a report, required number of specifications can be searched using search criteria (this can be scheduled in the background) and once the hit-list is generated a required output variant can be selected to create report.

These two are very versatile functionalities to meet the customer reporting and data management requirements and I feel are very helpful though it’s always tempting to ask for development work.