Saturday, February 5, 2011

SAP EHS Reflections for Year 2011

Dear Friends,

I came to India for a week, I want to ensure I dont miss scribling down my thoughts on Whats in Store for SAP EHS in the Year 2011. The Year 2010 - was bit quick as far as EHS is concenred - "The Clock Really Ticked Too Fast", all the companies worked towards a commmon goal - to meet the 2010 - REACh deadline. During this period also there were some Property Tree enhancements released by SAP to support the eSDS creation and also a properietary tool from TechniData CLEO - SAP Bulk Notification Tool / Exper Rules for meeting CLP requirements - though these are not offical part of SAP release pack. SAP also released Component Extension 1.0 for SAP EHS Management - for Incident Management, SAP Carbon Impact SAP CI 5.0 version and SAP Product and REACh Compliance - enhanced version which includes Material Assessment, Business Partner, Supply Chain and Other key functionality enhancements.

There are some 3.1 Million Classification and Labelling notifications received by ECHA and around 24,675 registration dossiers are submitted. One notifceable thing is Companies made a significant effort in submitting the dossiers only few companies missed the deadlines,  - showing whatver the current practices in Industry to prepare the dossiders / CLP notifications are effective to some extent for the Dossier preparation and Dossier Submission and Classification and Notification. But these very howegrown Software Solutions will give a good opportunity for EHS Consultants in the Year 2011. Majority of the companies would have realized that its too risky to bank upon the homegrown solutions and they need to migrate that to an enterprise platform - not only to streamline their processes but also to meet other Regulations similiar to REACh. So would see more of data conversion projects, new process optimization works.

This very exercise of preparation and submission of dossiers would have shown the companies how difficult it is to meet such regulatory requirements - would like to hire / outsource some of the processes outside the Industry to manage it for a long terms -

The other opportunity is the dissemination and storage of eSDS and email confirmation of the inforamtion is received for a long term solution, Other Opportunity would come from the Labelling perspective - Companies would be making significant work on the label creation

Companies would have also recognized that meeting the Operational Compaliance for tracking the REACh Volume movements - is also not easy given the current implementation scope - would see more in this sphere too - more of plant to plant utilization and portfolio management !

Exposure management is another reuqirement for a long term solution - not many Companies utilizied the curent SAP Solution for Exposure Management - given the tight schedule to achive them - would see some more Product Safety like works been taken up by companies.

Besides above the silver lining is - Companies are advised to retain their current REACh Project Team for some more time ! Given these and also new Regulations are being enforced in other Countries - I personally see a good scope for EHS for the Year 2011. So Here's the Chance - which Favors the Prepared Mind - Be Prepared !!!



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