Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choosing the right software for your EHS requirements

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Now that majority of companies are seeing for expanding their EHS portfolio by implementing additional software components – it needs some research and understanding which software fits to the company. Even companies are not without any software processes– they have been operating with some internal tools and other application components to meet their day to day regulatory requirement. Now that they want to move out of the legacy tools and migrate to enterprise levels – they have some solutions in mind –either develop own tool, use software as a service or use the established tool from the ERP vendors on premise. The development of custom tools may seem attractive initially but the quality depends on the ability of the resource guiding its development and has a long term liability of support and maintenance – should only be driven by a strategic requirements.

When it comes to external software components there are many of products available in the market today each one promising its own ROI. So before a product is purchased some of the questions which needs to be assessed include – 1) what I am seeing for the product to do? Like GHS reporting, GHS management in Supply Chain, Product portfolio management using the Environmental information. So on depending on the module of interest? Like when it comes to REACh am I want the system to carry out Exposure Assessment for me? Want to generate eSDS? Capture plant to plant substance management? Like that creating a list of requirements would be a good starting point. 2) Once the requirement are understood – then start prioritizing the needs like which one the company needs to manage and which are nice to have / good to have features 3) Once you prioritize the requirements then assess the software in the market by reading their product brochures and also customer demo packages 4) Once their information is understood then start working on the infrastructural requirement in terms of Hardware / Software package their availability in the market etc. 5) Besides the above there many other questions which needs to be assessed from integration, custom enhancements, performance factors, learning curve, availability of best practices etc.



  1. Indeed an informative article.

  2. Hello,
    Does anyone have information on the changes to EH&S that are a part of EHP5? I've heard people mention that there is a new product that has separate licensing and that the existing EH&S modules are now referred to as "EH&S Classic". Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello Joe,

    Please access the following URL and see the major changes.


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