Saturday, August 28, 2010

WWI Template - Some Tips

Dear Friends,

Recently I happened to work with WWI tool for eSDS template. I have quite a number of learning’s from this activity, some of them are

- Before working with WWI template ensure you know Microsoft Word 2007.

- Learning all the functionalities of how to align the page breaks, how to maintain page layout, provide indent, margins, spacing etc. This segment is more time consuming than any other exercise. So its always good to begin with good layout and use WWI layout settings with different color schema.

- Always create symbols yourself and don’t use previously created segments if they are spanning multiple paragraphs, at times repeating groups are given for the entire section and if they are not properly taken it creates problems.

- If its data from a single sub node of property tree, better to use SAP WWI Wizard functionality, instead of you creating each of them manually, it gives lot of flexibility interms of how to print etc., make use of this functionality.

- If you are creating tables with multiple components, again print them using Wizard functionality and then use the slave group and master group declarations.

- Advanced functionalities like blank compression / conditional output are very good features so ensuring when to use which functionality is a critical to template creation. Blank compression with alternative, or conditional output with alternative are very good features for printing the symbols in controlled conditions.

- Whenever you come across any template just examine a bit more – you might know more functionality like – how to print Risk Phrases collectively in another section, How to print DG information, how to insert templates based on conditional statements, inserting multiple templates in to a master template, how to print methods, how to use environmental parameters and ID listing data and how to create methods for suiting to your project requirements.


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