Sunday, August 15, 2010

Business Process Management - SAP EH&S

Dear Friends,

For a client project at times you need to get involved in identification of as is process or identification of the current management practices of diverse business processes. The intent of such process is either to implenent the process / optimize it or stremline or to merge different systems into a common process. These models / process show a representation of the real world process model built to a certain scale and level of details for a specific purpose. Built to show viewpoint.

Examples of predominant business processes in EH&S include i) Substance and Component management ii) Supply Chain Communication for REACH iii) Generation of MSDS iv) Permit Management v) Incident Accident Management vi) SOP Management etc vii) Dangerous goods and Tremcard processing viii) Label Generation etc.

At times its tempting to use some predeveloped business maps for a new project, however be wise in choosing such material as some scenarios are developed keeping some assumption in mind, which may not hold true for other cases. The objectives of the such model may change during the life of the project, like sometimes a model developed for one purpose might not fit for a broader requirement. There are couple things which one should remember while working on such assignments – i) Why is the process performed ii) Which objects are used/modified iii) Which technology is used iv) Which processes preceed and follow v) Which rules govern the process and which organization unit performs it.

The best approach is to select a key business item (like MSDS generation) and follow it through the process, seeing for which actions are performed and who handles and where it ends up. At time client might be having a business model but following some workaround to achive the current requirement, you need to be careful in mapping such process. Always concentrate on value of each task and check and identify the flow of process correct and check for failure paths if any and see what actions are performed, who handles it and where it ends up. This is provide you a good scenario to actually develop customer scenario. There are many softwares which support this processes like ARIS, Solution Composer, Galaxy, ARIS and other graphical tools like iGrafx.