Friday, October 29, 2010

Draft Changes to SDS based on PEG Recommendations is now available @ REACh EU

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Based on the initial feedback received from PEG, ECHA made some changes in the text of Safety Data Sheet released during Feb 2010. The major changes are basically relates to initial feedback on the structure and content of the document. Some Corrections to the legal text is also made to reduce the length of the text and to need for translations text. What it means to the business‘s is that they need to consider three different versions of the Annex II during different time periods. Up to 1st December 2010, Between December 2010 and June 2015 and from June 2015 and there could also be some changes needed for the safety data going forward like incorporation of Evaporation rate, Auto Ignition Temperature, Decomposition Temperature

ANNEX II - GUIDE TO THE COMPILATION OF SAFETY DATA SHEETS is valid through 1st June 2007 to 19th June 2010, (present Annex II published with REACH)

ANNEX II - REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPILATION OF SAFETY DATA SHEETS PART A, will be in force from 1st December 2010 to 1st June 2015. (Annex I of commission for substances until the end of 1st June 2015 and for mixtures labeled DPD.

L133/24 “ANNEX II 4 REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPILATION OF SAFETY DATA SHEETS PART A”, will come into force from June 2015 onwards. Annex II of 2010 for substances after 1st June 2015 and for Mixtures Labeled CLP

Full Text of legal Document and associated Excel Sheet showing, which are the recommendations which are implemented in this draft version are available @ ECHA website

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