Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SAP EH&S Learning Thread

Dear Friends,

Few days back I got a mail asking if I take a step by step sessions on how to get into SAP EHS coverinpg important concepts and information. This thread is for that purpose. I will be periodically updating this thread with new information.


Learning EH&S – Session 1: What is Specification Database ?

Specification is the central database for EH&S. These data often referred to as Product data. This data includes regulations and laws concerning the products and ingredients. Example of specificaiton data include handling requirements, storage requirements and transport requirements, physical chemical characteristics, safety information and hazardous information. These specifications data are of different types based on the nature of the data they handle and also based on their close association with sub modules of EH&S like Hazard – related to Industrial Hygiene and safety, Waste Code – Related to Waste Management, Dangerous Goods Classification – Related to Dangeorous Goods Management and Substance – for Product Safety. So we can use the same concept to separate the specification database into Different specification Categories based on the broad category of data they contain or in EHS Sub module where they are used like i) Substances ii) Agent (Hazard) iii) Dangerous Goods Data iv) Waste Code.

Substance database contains header information and position data – often called value assignment information containing actual property information. For EH&S to work and function, these data needs to be created, used and updated at a regular intervels of time. It is possible to crate and update specificaiton information in SAP EHS, while for automated updating of the Specification database, 3rd party sources are used. The tools for updating the specification can be EH&S Expert - Open Content Connector – which uses xml format for updating the specification database – which will be covered separately in other session.

Specficiation database is closely linked as a specification model – which is related to Product Structure which we want to map into SAP EHS and at times its useful to sub – divide the broad specification category into small components to handle the data appropriately. For example It makes sense to separate Substance Specification into different Types based on exact piece of information they contain like Real Substances, Listed Substances, Un Listed Substances etc.

To create a specification in SAP EH&S access the T – Code, CG02BD, if you want to specifically create a specification database then CG02 (product Safety), CBIH92 (Industrial Hygiene and Safety), WAO02 (Waste Management).


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