Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reflections in Mirror - Whats in store for SAP EHS Consultants in year 2010

Hello Friends,

Its almost exciting begining for EH&S Consultants, when world leaders meet at Coperhangen, all the consultants crossed their fingers hoping some accord would be reached. There was so much dicussions on "BASIC" countries, finally it was just a handful countries, which stalled the historic meet into a non-binding accord similiar to a bus ticket,as mentioned by a Green peace activist.

Well this very outcome should not stop EHS consultants from feeling excited for year 2010. There are so many doors which were open in the year 2009, hoping for Coperhangen success, are now at the door step of opening major market. Whether they are in GHG management, Sustainabilty Reporting or even REACh COmpliance. Market is now in perfect stage for these projects to roll out. SAP also released couple of exciting products during late December like - Sustainability Performance Management, Best Practices for Analytical Reporting Dashboards usign BusinessObjects and SAP Carbon Impact with enhanced features like Facility Dahsboard, XML flashcards. SAP EHS Management with Specialized Incident handling usign Adobe Smart forms. Even Product Compliance - REACH COmpliance 2.0 is on Ramp Up stage. Overall its a exciting stage for EHS consultants to begin the year 2010 - aiming high.

We could also see couple of initiatives later part of 2010, from SAP to enhance the existing SAP EH&S & Sustainability protfolio to cover " Operational and Decision Supporting" - with lot of Analytics now in place with SAP SPM and SAP BP for Analytics Reporting - how best to adapt to requirements to comply with sustainability requirements. The support / extending, SAP Carbon Impact with ECOInvent Database for Lifecycle Assessment for detailed Product Carbon Accounting or SAP Supporting the EH&S / Sustainability in SaaS way !.

Again wishing you all Happy journey in this exciting phase and those who wish to be in EHS field, definately good time to get into SAP, make yourself ready by learning GHG Lead Auditors course or Certificate on Sustainability Assurance Practioners or BusinessObjects with EHS knowledge.


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