Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sustainability and SAP - Eyeing multiple targets with One Arrow !!!!.

Dear Friends,

Recently you all might have seen SAP added a new portfolio - something called SAP solutions for Sustainability. Infact this "Sustainability" term has lot more deeper meaning than mere "Environmental Sustainability Concept". SAP Sustainability solutions aim at delivering solutions so that Business Processes can be run with optimum resources so that they can achieve sustainable operations and reduce expenditure and out perform competitors. Whether Energy, Gas,Material, Water or whatever maybe how best the companies can utilize and track their Fuels, Energy, Electricity, GHG and Air Emissions so that their business processes are sustainable in nature which in turn complies to Regulatory Sustainability concept. These Sustainability are different for each sector for example sustainability solutions for Oil and Natural Gas can be different from Iron & Steel, so dont get surprised if in future SAP comes out with new portfolio solutions calling - SAP Sustainability Solutions for Oil and Gas, SAP Sustainability Solutions for Metallurgical Industries and SAP Sustainability Solutions for Mining or say Chemical Industry. Well there are quite a number of hits to make with one new concept !!!


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