Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning SAP EHS - Where to Start ?

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I know, there are many aspirants, who wish to learn SAP Environmental Health and Safety Module of SAP. This specific module of mySAP PLM, is gaining importantance day by day, owing to the fact that many countries are coming up with stricter legislations and guidelines. When I started off seeing to learn SAP EHS, there were no Institutes in India, which were offering SAP EHS. It took me lot of effort and money to actually learn this module of SAP. Even on a daily basis, I get calls from my friends, collegues, even unknown persons and students, enquring where they can learn SAP EHS. How they can be successful in SAP and How to get into SAP Jobs and so on. These endless loop of questions always used to remind me that I should do some thing about this.

With the above background, I wish to introduce you all, that I shall be posting different pieces of information on SAP EHS in this blog starting with i) How to start learning SAP EHS ii) How to succeed in this domain of SAP iii) What are the best methods of doing consulting iv) How to plan and do implementations in EHS and vi) Challenges and tricks for doing updrade.
Here's the list of SAP EHS sub modules, whose information you can find here.
i) SAP EHS - Basic Data and Tools
ii) SAP EHS - Product Safety
iii) SAP EHS - Dangerous Goods Management
iv) SAP EHS - Hazardous Substance Management
v) SAP EHS - Industrial Hygiene and Safety
vi) SAP EHS - Occupational Health
vii) SAP EHS - Waste Management

Besides the above core modules of SAP EHS, there are couple of interesting modules of EHS which are also gaining popularity recently i.e.,
i) Substance Volume Tracking (Actually belongs to Product Safety Module),
ii) REACh Compliance 1.1 (Thanks to ECHA legislation)
iii) Environmental Compliance

There are also lot of tools used in EHS like
i) Import - Export tools (Ex: EHS - OCC)
ii) EHS Data Editor
iii) EHS Expert and Rule Editor
iv) WWI and
v) Web Interface of EHS.

There are quite a large number of tasks which are carried out using third party tools for SAP EHS for example
i) MSDS Authoring
ii) Specification Database creation
iii) Phrase set creation in different languages
iv) Regulatory database creation for regulatory checks
v) Import and Export.

To start learning EHS, first learn SAP EHS - Basic Data and Tools Module which is used in all the sub modules of SAP EHS. Learn how to create Specifications, what are specification Categories, Phrases, How to create phrases, WWI Reports, Generation Variants and Inheritance and Reference and Create some excel outputs using Specifications information. Once you learn this information, learn about Data Structure, trigger MSDS from Sales and Delivery.

In my next posting, I shall explain more about what are the skill sets required for SAP EHS and How to go about acquiring the same.


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